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About Swiftjet

Our First Officer programs started in 2020 to give low time pilots with no airline experience from many areas (European Union, United States, Asia etc.) the unique opportunity to be provided with airline First Officer employment or experience during actual commercial flight operations. This is not simulator or flight school aviation flight time but rather the experience that can only be gained in actual flight situations on line with airlines as a First Officer.

Our unique airline First Officer programs take place during actual airline commercial operations as no simulator training or flight school general aviation training can replace actual airline experience. This unique experience meets and exceeds the hiring requirements of most airlines worldwide when it does not already include direct employment with our partner airlines in Europe, United States or Asia.

Currently, the number of aircraft being used for Swiftjet‘s advanced First Officer employment and experience programs for low time pilots with contracted partner airlines totals increase every year. With new employment and experience programs on the horizon, a continuous effort to build new programs is a never-ending task at Swiftjet.

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Mission Statement

Main objective is to complete your initial career goal of getting hired by an airline in the most economical, professional, and above all, the safest manner possible in the shortest period of time. Since the beginning of our airline first officer programs in 2020, pilots have been hired by airlines worldwide while attending one of our programs or shortly after its completion.